About the Margaree Area

The Margaree River is ranked among North America’s best sources of Atlantic Salmon! There is also much to see here in the Margaree Valley. It’s a relaxing place… the river itself meanders through shaded fields, here and there collecting in deep pools where one may find a fish at the end of their line.

You’ll find the descendants of the original Acadian, Irish and Scottish, that have made this their home for almost 200 years, to be a most hospitable people. The peaceful co-existence of this unique blend of Ethnic cultures has led to a colourful mosaic of time-honoured treasures. Some of this rich heritage can be viewed in the various craft and gift shops along the trail. Scottish tartans and weaving, hooked rugs and tapestries, antique toys and models of fishing boats are among the collections you’ll discover.

You fishermen will especially enjoy the Margaree Fish Culture Station and its adjoining Interpretation Centre. From the ‘Two Macs’ shop, turn north up the Margaree Valley for about 6 kilometres to the cross roads to Big Intervale. Turn right and proceed up the hill ’till you reach the Hatchery Road. Turn left. The station is down about a 1/4 mile.

What’s that? Sounds too fishy? Ahh, well there’s plenty of enjoyable activities for all in this tranquil valley. There’s nothing like a pleasant hike, bike or horseback ride through the pastoral hills and vales of the Margaree.

Did someone say beach? Well… I know just the spot for ya! But you’ll have to wait ’till you get to Margaree Harbour. Meanwhile, once you’re back on the Cabot Trail, relax and enjoy the serenity of the landscape as you follow the Margaree River as it winds its way to its destination… and yours! Ramble on through open fields and flood plains, bordered by towering elms, poplar and cottonwood trees.

About 16 kilometres from the tourist centre at Margaree, you’ll come to the Harbour. When you catch your first glimpse of the water on the horizon, there’s a pretty little spot to take in the view of Margaree Harbour. That’s the beauty of Cape Breton… you’re never more than 30 miles from salt water!

Margaree Harbour
Margaree Harbour is a fine place to swim! The beach is located just beyond the village. To get there, take the left fork off the Cabot Trail.. that’s route 219… go over the rise and take the road to the village on the right. Drive through the village, down to the sand dunes where you can park. Get ready for a really pretty scene when you leave your car. What a perfect picture awaits you! Rolling sand dunes with clumps of grasses waving in the breeze lead you up and over to the picture before you… Dramatic rock formations surround the white sandy beach and white capped blue water… and here and there fishing boats are coming and going in the distance. Stretching out along the right side you can see the cliffs below the Cabot Trail as it winds its way toward Cheticamp. The water here is pretty warm as it is part of the Northumberland Strait.

If you’d like to enjoy more of this area… there are deep sea fishing charters, whale watching tours, boat rentals… or rent a cottage near the beach! There are also quite a few Bed and Breakfast establishments ready to welcome you and treat you to the local hospitality!

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